Critically evaluating the literature review

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Critically evaluating the literature review

Berichtdoor Jasonadam » 13 Sep 2021 13:28

If you wish to present an impressive dissertation in your college, you have to abide by certain rules. If you feel that the task is daunting, you can seek online essay help from professional essay writer. But, you can accomplish the task yourself if you possess the willpower.
Thus, you should:
1.Choose a Topic and Gather Resources
First, you need to choose an exciting topic. It should be catchy, have a wide scope of discussion, and trending. Next, you must take notes, and jot down relevant information along with citations from books, journals, websites, etc.
2.Write the Literature Review
You must conduct a literature review to comprehend the studies that exist on your topic. Apart from critically evaluating the literature review, one has to address the gap in the literature, take a new theoretical or methodological approach, provide solution to an unresolved issue. Finally, you have to build on what you have at your disposal and proceed with the assignment help.
3.Pen Down the Methodology
In this section, you have to reveal how you conducted your research. You must share the overall approach and type of research, data collection methods, data analysis methods, justification of methods, etc. You can also share the tools and materials you used.
4.Write the Results
Next, you present the findings of your investigation. This section can be organized around sub-questions, hypotheses, or subjects. Only include results that are related to your goals and research questions in your report. Seek coursework help if you cannot understand it. You can include tables, graphs, and charts to improve the presentation.
5.Focus on the Discussion
In the discussion, you'll dig further into the meaning and consequences of your findings with respect to your research topics. You should elaborate on how the outcomes fulfilled your expectations. You must state how well they fit into the framework you created in previous chapters in this section. If you did not expect some results, you have to explain it.
6.Include the Conclusion and Reference List
The conclusion of your dissertation should succinctly respond to the major research question, leaving the reader with a clear comprehension of your main point. In a reference list, you must include precise details of all sources that you have mentioned (sometimes also called a bibliography or works cited list).
Finally, you must write the title page, acknowledgments, abstract, table of contents, and appendices. Also, do not forget to include the list of figures and tables, and abbreviations. If you face any issues, seek [url]online dissertation help[/url].
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