Math is not the path

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Math is not the path

Berichtdoor Renée » 15 Feb 2005 22:33

A math poem by PoeticAlways


Simple mathematics I will never understand,
For example why must 2 plus 2 be always 4?
When I would really like that it could be much more.

And why would I ever need totake the time to multiply,
I think I want to cry,
‘Cause 2 times 2 is just the same?
Whoever in their rightful mind,
Would think to make up such a game?

Again if now I should decide,
That 2 by 2 I will divide,
I keep on coming up with one,
This surely is no fun.

And finally now if I subtract,
It seems a fact,
That I will never be a hero,
For when I now take 2 from 2,
I keep coming up with zero.

So here I sit now empty handed,
Feeling frustrated and stranded,
So I’ll just need to study medicine,
Or to take another path,
Because I keep on coming up with nothing,
Every time I do the math.
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Re: Math is not the path

Berichtdoor Fielen » 10 Mei 2024 10:10

Uitstekend proza, hoewel ik niet van wiskunde houd, houd ik er niet van om het belang van de wetenschap waarop het universum is gebouwd te bagatelliseren
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