This port has a quick access choice on the butler just like

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This port has a quick access choice on the butler just like

Berichtdoor sunxuemei » 31 Mrt 2021 8:34

On the dilemma of port, an RS gold overhaul would be needed. The text system wouldn't work for this, and even if text has been used it would require over 5 minutes simply to get 1 item, never mind 28. Hence, a bank port with a couple of changes would be used.

The interface would include of two windows: the items in the bank as well as the items you're withdrawing. The layout of where the windows are I will leave up to Jagex, however, the withdrawing window should be large enough so that when all 28 slots are busy, no scrolling is going to be necessary. Items which are'withdrawn' would be transferred to the"Things to be withdrawn" window. As stated before, stackable items will not stack within this interface, which includes notes.

Unlike normal banks, a confirmation message will appear when you affirm exactly what you would like to withdraw. Unlike banks that are normal, as you access it you may have the charge of 5000 gold mechanically taken in the gold on your bank, providing you've 5000 gold in your financial institution. In case your butler is smart enough to get items from a bank, I am certain he / she / it is smart enough to rely 5000 gold and keep it for himself / herself / itself.

Several smaller things which could make this upgrade even better: A) This port has a quick access choice on the butler just like bankers in banks have . B) This interface completely replaces the withdrawing interface for this butler. Withdrawals of construction materials don't incur the cost of 5000 gold, but when even 1 thing is not a construction substance the fee has to be payed. In addition, even though you pay 5000 gold per run of non construction cheap OSRS gold stuff, they still count towards your total runs. So after a little while the butler will ask for 5000 gold and in addition his / her / its own fee.
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