My Abode rules in Madden 18 game

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My Abode rules in Madden 18 game

Berichtdoor playerhot » 11 Nov 2017 9:12

My Abode rules in Madden

I usually play franchises with the Cardinals but the Broncos are a in actuality nfl 18 coins fun aggregation to physique with, you accept a brace of earlier key players no starting superior QB. Rebuilds that I accept had fun with are the Bears, Saints, Jets, Jaguars, Dolphins, and Bills if you move on from Tyrod.

Use Tdawg's XP sliders and I acclimatize Flazcko's all-madden sliders.

My Abode rules:

1,Never acquirement the Master Barter Negotiator Barter as it makes it to simple to bleed the CPU even unintentionally.

2,You can abandoned re-sign one amateur with 90+ OVR/Year.

3,Making offers during the analysis by OVR; 90+ once, 80 - 89 twice, and beneath 79 three offers.

4,Build a abstract lath application the 'Watch Function' abstract from that account abandoned during the draft. If your watch account players are gone from that annular either barter the aces or simulate.

5,No added than 12 abstract picks per year. If you accept a lot of picks try to accomplish abiding the majority are annular 4 or later.

6,No added than 2 picks in circuit 1 & 2 per year but not aback to back. Circuit 3-5 no added than 3 picks, circuit 6+ no added than 4 picks.

7,When absolution an 88+ amateur airing in chargeless bureau you can barter 1 mid coffer abyss amateur for a "Compensatory pick" of annular 4 or later.

8,Auto absorb XP every 4 weeks during the season, save XP from off analysis thru pre-season to acquirement affection packages.

9,Play bold prep, if you get argent or bigger afresh sim that bold basal for the year, you can try for gold next year.

10,Doing Coach mode, I actualize a playbook afresh use ask Madden for plays to simulate the use of coordinators.

11,Edit all drafted players cavalcade abstract to decrease 1 year from their age.

12,1st annular abstract picks get arrangement extensions to 5 year deals (team bacon cap permitting) if OVR is 75+ or Quick/SS development. Picks 1-5 $12 actor added to bonus, 6-10 $10MM, 11-18 $7.5MM, 19-32 $5MM.

13,Any Veteran amateur not a amateur with 88+ OVR gets appear anniversary 4 of pre-season.

14,No application XP to access physicals besides strength, no advance development.

15,No low-balling chargeless agents, in pre-season anniversary 1 abandoned assurance chargeless agents that will start, delay until pre-season anniversary 2 to assurance abyss players.

16,In off analysis chargeless bureau you accept to bid 5 credibility academy than the top madden nfl 18 coins bid on a player.

17,Veteran re-signing per year arrangement minimums for players w/80+ OVR: QB - $12MM, HB - $3MM, WR - $7.5MM, TE - $4.25MM, OT - $6MM, OG - $4.2MM, C - $2MM, DE - $6.5MM, DT - $5MM, OLB - $6MM, MLB - $4MM, CB - $7MM, S - $5MM.

18,Backups get AWR to 70 and starters to 80 afore I advance added abilities to mactch the CPU - TDawg XP slider testing.
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